Online marketing is the art and science or selling products and services over digital networks. The art of online marketing involves the best mix of solutions that appears to your target market. Online marketing has many types such as online advertising e-mail marketing or social media marketing but that’s defiantly just to name a few. We have a deep passion for marketing. We recognize that customers are the lifeblood of every business and that capturing their attention in today’s increasingly noisy marketplace poses a big challenge. To be successful, marketers must develop powerful, persuasive messages that cut through the clutter, build awareness of their brands and motivate customers to action. To achieve this, we work closely with clients to determine exactly what message they want to deliver, who they want it to reach, and which formats will be the most effective.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is making your website more accessible to search engines. Our search engine specialists help make your website effectively speak to both your customers and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By building your website with search engine optimization in mind on the front end, we can more easily capture high search engine rankings on the backend. You may have noticed that our site consistently gets top-of-search results on the most-utilized web search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of online marketing that increases the visibility of a brand and website in places such as search engines and directories. It’s the way powerhouse brands as well as savvy smaller companies build a true web presence.

Google Adwords

Today's businesses know that it pays to have an Internet presence. Being listed on Google's search engines is especially effective. In our Google AdWords management program, we thoroughly analyze your website, then custom design a pay per click ad campaign for you. This campaign will include a list of keywords that will bring your website up on Google when entered into Google's search engine. With our management services, you can potentially begin to see a return on your advertising investment right away. Plus, we provide frequent monitoring of your campaign to ensure you continue to receive the best possible results. If we see room for improvement, we will let you know and provide recommendations. Put the power of Google to use for you today.

Social Media

The first step to creating a successful social media marketing strategy is to provide you with an in-depth social presence analysis. We then tailor a strategy to your needs and goals. We’re moving from services to relationships. Social networks have changed how your customers and employees interact with you – it’s all about the people. We'll set up and optimize your accounts, consistently post-popular content. If you are missing key social media pages, like Facebook, we will help you create those pages and optimize them for your campaign. We also provide quick promotions and detailed campaigns with step-by-step instructions to get the most out of your posts.

E-mail Marketing

The email marketing solution that’s right for you is right here, with UPZ Design. We create your own responsive and mobile-friendly newsletter. Your email will look great whether it’s read on a PC, tablet or a smartphone. Turn website visitors into email subscribers by adding a sign up form to your website or sharing a link to your form on social media.

Content Optimalization

UPZ Design content optimization gives you the insight to create relevant, engaging content that will help you increase SEO rankings, drive more online traffic and boost conversions. Modify and develop content that resonates with users and connects with them in search engines. Measure your content success and make adjustments as needed. Transform your website from a static brochure into a sales tool that connects with users, drives them to a relevant page on your website & pushes them to take action.

Online Banners

Banner advertising has changed dramatically in the last few years and has become more accessible from a cost- and return-on-investment perspective. Some of the innovations that allow more companies to enjoy the benefits of banner advertising services & campaigns allow for the ability to have your banner advertising design only appear in front of potential customers in a specific geography. Our branded custom web graphics give your product and business a unique look and feel, one that gives prospects confidence in your current and future businesses and helps you make more and effective/profitable sales.