This is the phase where we gathers more information about your project. We should have a good understanding of what your company / service is all about, what the target audience is, what the purpose of the website is, and what the company goals are.


A creative concept is an overarching “Big Idea” that captures audience interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action. It is a unifying theme that can be used across all campaign messages, calls to action, communication channels and audiences.



After getting all the information from you, we plan the website by creating a sitemap structure. Sitemaps are the blueprints of a website. If we create a good sitemap in the beginning of the building process of the website, we can easily incorporate more pages as the business grows.


This phase involves the creation of all the design elements on the website. We go over what color scheme and what kind of typography should be used for the website. After that we proceed to create a mock-up based on the clients requirements. You will be involved in this phase as much as, as on every phase, after you approves the design, we will proceed to the development phase.

Interaction design

Interaction design is a process in which designers focus on creating engaging web interfaces with logical and thought out behaviors and actions. Successful interactive design uses technology and principles of good communication to create desired user experiences.



This phase is one of the longest parts of the project, this is where all the coding takes place. After the design is transferred to code, we will proceed to add any functionality to the site such as: develop interactions, contact forms, slideshows, videos, or any other interactive features. This is also the time where all of the content is added to the site. This is an exciting portion of the custom internet business development process!


This is the time where the whole website gets tested. All features and functionalities should be working perfectly by this time. After making sure everything is working correctly, we will deliver the website to you. After the your approval the website will be ready for launching.


After everything is tested and approved by you, the website is ready to be transferred to your server. After all files are uploaded to the server, the website will be live on the world wide web.